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Seven day services

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Seven Day Services   

***** Please note: All current information and resources for Seven Day Services is available on the NHS England website *****

In summer 2015 acute hospitals across England self-assessed their services for emergency hospital admissions, against the four priority clinical standards for seven day services. This was the first in a series of surveys carried out bi-annually. The next survey will start on 30th March 2016. For more information about the survey see our dedicated webpage.

Patients need the NHS every day. Illness does not just strike on weekdays and ensuring safe, high quality care every day of the week is at the heart of the drive towards seven day services.

NHS Improving Quality is working in partnership with NHS England and a number of other organisations to take forward this ambitious agenda. Our seven day services improvement programme aims to help spread change at scale and pace and support the transformation of services that is needed to deliver seven day services.

A core part of our work is sharing learning and knowledge across the NHS and identifying barriers and innovations to help shape future policy. Our webpages contain a variety of information and resources, including the seven days self-assessment tool (7DSAT), which has been developed to help health and care communities produce a baseline against the national clinical standards.  There is also a variety of case studies on health communities that are already tackling the challenge of delivering seven day services and their approaches. 

Key to achieving this ambitious transformation is remembering that it is about services being available over seven days, not working seven days - it's an important difference, recognising the aim to improve patient care and provide safe, high quality services when people need them.