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My Voice, My Wheelchair, My Life

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My Voice, My Wheelchair, My Life is a programme of work to transform wheelchair services for users and their families.

For people with complex, long term conditions, being able to access the right wheelchair, quickly, and with appropriate support, is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. People often find themselves waiting a long time for wheelchairs; they develop secondary health complications resulting from an unsuitable wheelchair; and there is often a lack of clarity and consistency around eligibility criteria for NHS funding of wheelchairs.

The vision of My Voice, My Wheelchair, My Life is to mobilise and galvanise commitment groups to transform wheelchair services to a point where users with complex and changing needs can always get the right wheelchair for their needs in a timely way, and appropriate and continuing support.

NHS Improving Quality and NHS England brought together experts, service users, professional associations and clinical colleagues from across England at a summit in London on 27th November 2014. 

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson is our champion for this work, and attended the summit. She has written a blog post, which you can read on our blog page.

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