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The new era of thinking and practice in change and transformation

July 22, 2014

White paperNHS Improving Quality has published a new White Paper - The new era of thinking and practice in change and transformation: A call to action for leaders of health and care.

The paper looks at new directions in improvement and change thinking from around the world, and from other industries. It distils this information to inform the design and delivery of improvement and transformational change techniques in health and care services.

It sets out five enablers for the "emerging direction" in change and references research evidence as well as ideas from opinion leaders:

1. Activate disrupters, heretics, radicals and mavericks

Leaders should seek to identify them and engage them in the organisation's most significant challenges

2. Lead transformation from "the edge"

Purposefully moving change processes to the edge [of organisations] can result in more radical thinking, faster change and better outcomes

3. Change your story

It's about bringing new, different and diverse voices into the change conversation… Change your story and you can change your organisation

4. Curate rather than create knowledge

A key role for future improvement leaders in health and care is to curate knowledge i.e. filter, evaluate, contextualise and share knowledge from multiple sources

5. Build bridges to connect the disconnected

If we are seeking large scale transformational change, we should be bridging networks that connect disparate individuals and groups that were previously disconnected.

Co-authored by NHS IQ's Chief Transformation Officer, Helen Bevan, and interim Managing Director Steve Fairman, the paper is intended to encourage discussion and debate. Please send any comments or feedback to or tweet your thoughts to @helenbevan, @stevefairman1 and @NHSIQ.

Download the white paper: /resource-search/publications/white-paper.aspx